Prima Porta VRomana

model of Colchester Gate

Welcome to the Prima Porta, your gateway to VRoma. From here you can proceed west to Rome, where you will be able to visit a growing city that will eventually constitute a virtual recreation of Rome as it was circa 150 CE. The information you will encounter there is as historically accurate as the collaborative efforts of many classicists can make it, though keep in mind that many of the sites are under construction! Individual sites will present you with interactive bots and other objects which, though fictional, are based on the culture and customs of the ancient city and are intended to make your visit more enjoyable.

If you turn east, you will enter the non-historical Officina area, which contains the offices of VRoman consuls and teachers, virtual classrooms, and student projects. For refreshment after your visit, stop in at Scintilla's Thermopolium for a relaxing cup of wine and some nibbles.

Clicking on Bookmarks/Logs will give you a Quick Jump bookmark from which you can teleport to any of the major sections of VRoma. If you are a new visitor to this site, please read this basic information about communicating and exploring in VRoma. You can find more detailed help by opening the Quick Start Guide from the login page.

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